Tuesday, October 25, 2011

life happens. . .when you least expect it

I totally intended to make posts about all my adventurous shopping trips with coupons, but life is happening right now, and couponing is the least thing on my mind at the moment.
I've been dealing with family member's health issues lately. . .My husband is always in pain and nobody seems to know what is causing it. That's cuz its probably just me, I'm a pain for everyone. . .LOL! My Dad has swelling in his lungs and diabetes and can't hardly breath anymore.  My mom has a tumor of some kind underneath her leg, she will be going in for a biopsy soon for that.  My oldest daughter has been having asthma attacks again, too, which she hasn't had for the longest time. . .but we are all stressed out beyond the max right now. .Needless to say, life gets more and more complicated and stressful by the day.